Chitir Chicken

Advantages of Working with Chitir Chicken

Producer identity and infrastructure

As our company MAKFRY (the owner of CHITIR CHICKEN franchise system) produces all machines and food products that we use in our restaurants, we offer the advantages of having a stronger infrastructure compared to other franchise systems, since we do not have external affiliation.

Modern Design

We have created energetic, fun, comfortable and warm environments in traditional fast food concepts in our Chitir Chicken restaurants. This difference in our designs has been the reason for the preference of the consumers and has given our investor the privilege of owning profitable businesses.

Different, Delicious and Economical menus

Thanks to the R&D department we have created in our manufacturer company, we offer competitive and innovative opportunities by constantly working on different, more delicious and more economical products and creating new products. In addition, with our R&D, we support our investments by offering different products in our restaurants according to the socio-cultural structure of the region they are located in.

Continuing Support and Education

While providing continuous support and training to our restaurants with our experienced and expert team in our organization that we created with the Chitir Chicken franchise system, we also organize our audits to maintain the standards and ensure that our restaurants work more systematically.

Fast Growing Brand and Strong Organization

With the Chitir Chicken brand, we offer the opportunity to become a partner in the earnings system we have created by joining our rapidly growing family on the way to becoming a world brand.

Establishment Stages of a Restaurant.

Applicatıon And Interview
Pre-protocol Signature
Location And Concept Selection
Contract Phase
Initiation Of Project Design And Renovation
Construction And Installation Phase
Demo Studies and Branch Personnel Training

Application Form